Have Paddle, Will Travel.

Experiences from my paddling trips, near and far.

I learnt to SUP on summer holiday in Croatia in 2017. I got back to the cold Netherlands and with a canal on my doorstep I started to look into paddling closer to home. After renting a board locally a few times I wanted the freedom to go out whenever I wanted. In the spring of 2018 I splashed out (pun intended) and bought myself an inflatable Red Paddle Ride 10’8 .

I normally keep my board inflated at home so that I can step out on the water as soon as I get home from work. I enjoying paddling around the beautiful town of Leiden and sometimes stopping for a coffee – or something stronger. However, I also pack it up and take it with me to the local beaches, rivers or lakes – and occasionally further afield.

Here are my most recent blog posts about more interesting places I’ve been with my board.

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