Bobotie is made from a spiced minced beef and a savoury custard topping. Traditionally, dried fruit is added to the mince mix and I use raisins and grated apple apples. Usually bobotie contains bread soaked in milk, but I use mashed beans instead. Don't be put off by the long list of ingredients - it is very easy to make and you can easily make double the quantity to freeze for another day.

Gluten & Dairy Free Hot Cross Buns

It's Easter and yesterday I had a strong craving for hot cross buns. These spiced fruit buns are common in the UK and traditionally eaten on Good Friday. This recipe creates a crusty hot cross bun, a bit different to the normal soft variety you buy in supermarkets across the UK, and more like the... Continue Reading →

American Style Cornbread

Being British and living in the Netherlands, I make Thanksgiving Dinner every year for a group of Americans.  Obviously.   They don’t seem to mind that I have never celebrated Thanksgiving in the USA and that I have absolutely no idea what Thanksgiving dinner should consist of.  Thankfully many of them have lived for a long... Continue Reading →

Healthy Oaty Banana Bread

We all know that oats are good for us, and so are bananas.  So what better excuse do you need to bake some of this lovely banana bread and put your feet up with a slice and cuppa? Top tip: put overripe bananas in the freezer and keep them to use next time you make this... Continue Reading →

Celeriac and Horseradish Soup

We're having our first really cold days of the winter here in the Netherlands, so I felt this required soup for lunch. One of my discoveries when I moved here was celeriac. Celeriac is a common vegetable here in the Netherlands - but I rarely saw it before I lived here. It has quite a... Continue Reading →

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